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1 Cock kɒk Ayam male birt,esp an adult male chicken
2 Dog dɒg Anjing 1.Common animal kept by people for hunting, guarding, etc or as a pets2.male dog, fox or  wolf
3 Duck dʌk Bebek 1.common bird that lives on or near water2.female duck

3.meat  from a duck

4 Crocodile ‘krɒkǝdail Buaya 1.large river reptile with a long body and tail, found in hot countries2.crocodile skin made into leather
5 Bird b3: d Burung Creature with feathers and wings, use able to fly
6 Bear beǝ (r) Beruang 1.heavy wild animal with thick fur and sharp claws
7 worm w3: m Cacing Small long thin creature with no bones or legs
8  lizard ‘lizǝd Cicak Small four-legged reptile with along tail
9 elephant ‘elifǝnt Gajah Very large animal with thick grey skin, two tusk and a trunk
10 Tiger ‘tɑigǝ(r) Harimau Large fierce animal of the cat family, yellow is with black stripes
11 Fish fiʃ Ikan Cold-blooded animal that lives in water
12 giraffe d3ǝ’rɑ:f Jerapah African animal with a very long neck and legs
13 Cat Kæt Kucing 1.small furry animal often kept as a pet2.wild animal of the cat family, eg lion or tiger
14 Horse Ho:s Kuda Large four-legged animal that people ride on or use for pulling carts
15 Monkey ‘mʌgk Kera Small long-tailed tree-climbing animal
16 Bee bi: Lebah Black and yellow stinging insect that makes honey
17 Pig Pig Babi Fat short-legged animal with pink, black or brown skin, kept on farms for its meat
18 Deer Diǝ(r) Rusa Fast graceful animal, the male of which has branching horns
19 Cow kɑu Sapi Large female animal kept on farms to produce milk or beef
20 Ant Ænt Semut Small insect that lives in organized groups
21 Mouse  Maus Tikus Small furry animal with a long tail
22 caterpillar ‘kætapilǝ(r) Ulat Small creature like a worm with legs which develops into a butterfly or moth
23 Snake Sneik Ular Reptile with a very long thin body and no legs 
24 Camel ‘kæml Unta Animal with a long neck and one or two humps on its back
25 Zebra ‘zebrǝ:/’zi:brǝ Zebra African wild animal like a horse with black ant white stripes on its body
26 Rhinosceros Rai’nɒsǝras Badak Large heavy thick-skinned animal with one or two horns on its nose
27 Buffalo ‘bʌƒǝlǝu Kerbau Kind of large wild ox
28 Goat Gǝut Kambing Small horned animal with long hair that lives in mountain areas
29 rabbit ‘ræbit Kelinci Small with long ears that lives in a hole in the ground
30 Frog ƒrɒg Katak Small cold-blooded jumping animal that lives in water and on land







1 Tiger Black tiger Which I see in the zoo Black tiger which I see in the zoo is very wild
2 Panda Fat panda Which lives in china zoo Poo, which lives in china zoo is a fat panda
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